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What is Dance Divine?

Dance Divine is a weekly Ecstatic Free-style dance event where we come together to create safe and sacred space so that we can practice authentic movement, communing
& dancing our asses off. 

Dance Divine welcomes adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We come together to celebrate the power of music, embodiment and connection as a way to inspire and enrich our lives.


Business Opportunities

The Dance Divine is creating a world-wide network of committed and embodied men and women whose personal passion is to cultivate heart-based leadership skills and hold safe and sacred space for the people in their communities.

Is your community ready for Ecstatic Dance events? Are you ready to make that happen?
You can do it by becoming a Dance Divine Licensee.



Take a glimpse at the special place that Dance Divine has come to inhabit in our community and in our hearts. 


Guidelines & Ethics

Please take a moment to read through the Guidelines & Ethics before your first dance. 

They explain the framework and the shared intentions that we hold for the event.