What is
Dance Divine?

Dance Divine is a free-style conscious dance event that helps people reconnect with their feelings, intuition, community and Source.
We do this by drawing on the therapeutic powers of conscious movement, music and connection, and by creating a safe, sacred space where we graduate from structure and facilitation to practice listening and responding to the Authentic Self - our own inner wise authority.

Business Opportunities

Dance Divine is committed to bringing conscious dance to your community and offers a variety of services and materials to help you make that happen.

You can become a
Dance Divine Licensee and benefit from a comprehensive package that includes training, playlists, an operations manual and mentorship, or, you can customize your options and become an independent conscious dance event producer.

& Ethics

Please take a moment to read through the Guidelines & Ethics before your first dance. 

They explain the framework and the shared intentions that we hold for the event so that people may access some of the
therapeutic benefits of a conscious movement practice.

Your Love
& My Joy

You can get a sense of what Dance Divine means to the community on the testimonials page, and get a feel for what a conscious dance practice does for people.

I, Jelena, have personally been transformed by the practice, by the experience of finding my purpose, by having what I am offering be received by the community, and by the love of the people whom I now share my dance with. It fills me with joy.