Dance Divine is a weekly, free-style conscious dance event that helps people get out of their heads and reconnected with their hearts, intuition, community and Source.

We do this by drawing on the therapeutic qualities of conscious movement, music
sacred space and connection.

Dance Divine is an unfacilitated event. This means that there is no instruction and no choreography. 

It's a free-style dance event where we practice internally-referenced, authentic movement.

We practice becoming aware of our own 'content', and learn to move with it, through it and perhaps even be moved by it.

The music sets last about 1hr. 45 min. and have an emphasis on instrumental music from a multitude of genres. 
They start slowly, giving us time to tune into ourselves. Gradually the tempo picks up, through gently flowing to more percussive styles that eventually build to a cathartic peak with high-energy music. It then tapers off again, ending in a reflective still point.
As a form of ‘moving meditation’ we practice listening to our inner selves.

As an Authentic Movement practice, we practice speaking with our bodies.

Therefor we
refrain from verbal communication on the dance floor in order to maintain sacred space.

Some people practice Contact Improv that is based on physical touch and interaction. 

Please remember to: 1) always listen to your feelings and communicate your boundaries

2) always pay attention to non-verbal cues in others;
contact should be invited & accepted, never presumed.

We aim for a cohesive group energy and intention, so please arrive on time and spend some time getting grounded, relaxed (exhale!) and warmed-up.  

We hold an optional closing circle at the end, as a way to connect and share, or simply as a way to honour our practice and 'close' as a group.