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Dance Divine is a weekly Ecstatic Free-style dance event where we come together to create safe and sacred space so that we can practice authentic movement, communing & dancing our asses off.

Dance Divine welcomes adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We come together to celebrate the power of music, embodiment and connection as a way to inspire and enrich our lives.

Dance Divine's Mission in life...

Dance Divine invites people to get reconnected with their feelings, intuition, community and Source; it aims to reconnect people with their own aliveness, freedom and power. It does this by providing a safe container in which we graduate from structure and facilitation and practice listening and responding to the authentic self – our own inner wise authority.

What we crave is within, and how we access that is personal and dynamic. Ecstatic dance allows us to
redefine how we pray, meditate and feel in our own skin. It also allows us to reclaim the ‘Ecstatic, and it teaches us that these are experiences we generate, not seek.

Embodied, heart-based people dance us through times of change. Our open hearts, our authenticity and our
trust in our own instincts will show us how to stop normalizing the abnormal in our world.

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